The Spliff Potcast


Ep 34 - Cartridges and Sinuses

This week brings us listener questions! And hopefully I can provide some answers. Vaporizer pens and cartridges are tantalizing new options available in the legal and legalish markets. That just means there's a lot to learn! We discuss some of the basics, some of the perks and some of the downsides. All thanks to listeners like you! But first I bring up some tips using my favorite cannaproduct -Soothing Sue's! Can it really help out with sinus inflammation too?! You bet your ass it can! AND dark under eye circles? Is there anything this stuff CAN'T do?! 

Looking for additional info?

Vape pen reviews from someone who knows a little more firsthand than me.

Get some Soothing Sue's ...HERE -if you're in CA

If you're not, perhaps you can benefit from Bad Kat's cold-press recipe

And glycerin, that PG and PEG stuff, including the study I found about retention on pulmonary tissue, and the CDC on popcorn lung.