The Spliff Potcast


Ep 42 - Pets Need Pot Too

Many of us have furry friends in our lives whom we wonder if cannabis can help. The short answer is yes, but there are a lot of caveats! From smoking, to eating to topicals (which I didn't even talk about this episode! Sheesh!) animals have an ECS that is just as beneficial to them as ours is to us. But not all animals are alike, and toxicity is a big issue! So many factors can change the dynamics of what would make the best medicine; the delivery and the composition. Terpenes and cannabinoids should be just as nuanced and relative as you'd want for yourself, but the options are slim. CBD is the biggest fad, for its relative safety, but it might not always be the best option for your four-legged BFF. Especially if you're just paying for hope in a bottle! Once you get a trusted product how to help without hurting? A little dosing advice that never changes -start slowly!

A little more to go on...

The FDA study of available pet targeted products.