The Spliff Potcast


Ep 43 - Herbal Headache Relief

We all get them every now and then, those annoying or even detrimental headaches. The rumors are out there that cannabis can help. And it's true! But, like everything, it's about finding the best strain for your needs. Migraines, cluster, ideopathic, sinus...there are a lot of types of headaches, so not every option will work for every person. But there are innovative options for those who don't mind toking, and those who do. Close the curtains, find that eye mask and let's see how cannabis can work for that pesky headache (the sooner the better, yo!) This week's Safety Meeting covers some new ways to feel fancy when spending lots of money on concentrates. Cuz we all could use a little more baller in our lives.


Dem linx doh!

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