The Spliff Potcast


Ep 44 - Real Ganja Girl Talk

Hey guys! I know I've been in a funk lately, and I finally open up about why. It segways nicely into this week's topic, Lady Stuff. But you don't have to just be a lady, or even a woman, in order to get something useful out of this week's topic. First, you might laugh. That's nice. Then you might push your comfort zone a little. That's healthy. But most importantly, you'll learn more about the people who make up the majority of this world's population and how cannabis can keep them a happier healthier person. And that rocks! There are many ways out there to use weed for those period problems, to save the boobies and the women too! And smoking weed is far from the most innovative. Let's talk about those vaginal suppositories, or as "they" like to say...'weed tampons!' If you don't have access, don't worry. Get innovative. I talk about some of the most women friendly companies in the CA market, and make sure we get in some intimate girl talk before we say ciao.

Looking for those links? I got ya links...

Whoopi and Maya the Buzzfeed article and on Facebook

Another pretty decent article about weed and women's health

My beloved Soothing Sue's and on Facebook

Another woman owned company The Green Cacao Company

And last but not least, Foria