The Spliff Potcast


Ep 73 - Make a POTcast

Howdy doody, everybody! As promised, we're talking cannabis related podcasts. Hopefully this podcast goes stale pretty quickly because the people jumping into the podcast scene explode! Maybe you've been thinking about starting your own podcast, cannabis related or not. Well, I've got some of my favorites, some of the ok, and some of the not-for-me; variety is the spice of life, and the more the merrier! After going over some of the available options, I give you some advice for starting your own. Going over some of the things I've learned along the way, the free resources you might find helpful, and some encouraging advice to get over the nerves. I can't wait to hear what you have to say!

So many links this week! Enjoy :)

First: Americans for Safe Access, UNITY  

Patients for Patients  The incredible WA state advocacy and consumer watchdog group.

My favorites: Marijuana Today , Marijuana Today Daily /Story Hour and Grow From Your Heart

Other patient focused: Cannabis Health Radio, CBD Talk Podcast, Lift Cannabis PodcastThe Medical Pot Guide

All inclusive: Shaping Fire,  The Cannabis ReporterThe Hot BoxWake and Bake

For Fun: Pot Luck Dinner, The Weed Show

Industry focused: Any Cannabis Radio programs including Ganjapreneur,  Investing in CannabisCannainsider,  The Cannabist

Grow focused: Growcast,  The Dude Grows,  Heavy T's Grow show

Hanging with friends: The Adam Dunn ShowGrapes and GrassThe Weedsmen,  Weedsday Wednesday

One offs: Tangentially SpeakingDopefiendRuss Belville, Cannabis & Coffee,  Cannabis Community Project

Get podcast ready: Podcast Method with Dan if you want music without copy right worries.

Equipment: Blue Yeti mic, Audacity, Soundcloud for free hosting