The Spliff Potcast


Ep 77 - All the Feels Good Salad

Hey everyone, what a week! It's been a roller coaster through life, it has. I've noticed some great changes in how I've been handling it too. Making a more routine appearance in my cannabis regiment, CBD has really taken the edge off, especially at nighttime. It hasn't numbed out the emotions entirely though, in fact, part of the benefits of cannabis is that it forces you to confront the emotions. It can be a tricky balance for us chronic users, but access and information are the cornerstones for creating the best foundations for those looking to manage emotional stress and imbalances. A dab here, an edible there, distillate or full spectrum -the right mix makes the magic. In the Safety I roll up some Gorilla Glue. Not usually a strain I hit up if I'm not playing video games all afternoon, but I've found a very pleasant phenotype; I should know better than to knock it til I've tried it!