The Spliff Potcast


Ep 76 - Pinch O'Green

The luck of the Irish hasn't been on my side this St. Patty's Day; my audio has been having issues. But I have been having a bit of luck in other areas! Then on to some serious cannabis talk -I keep getting shorted on my cannabis concentrates! This widespread problem is reminiscent of another stoner classic, the pinched sack. Not just a way for bros to bond with their testicles, but a ubiquitous practice that preys on the neediest of stoners. Speaking of stoners, in the Safety Meeting I rant about the hate on stoners by all these new people using weed. We were here first, yo! And we're not going anywhere any time soon, so it's time people own up to the cultural bias. All this while I try out a breeding project that gets my paleo-cortex buzzing, Prophecy!

This week's links:

The CA guide to Medical Cannabis Regulatory Requirements for Weights and Standards. Legit.

And then more reasons why stoners have been right all along, and why we'll continue to influence this market, a VICE article I've mentioned before.