The Spliff Potcast


Ep 75 - City Council Sesh-On

Catching up on some CBD talk this week, with plenty of nods to some of the incredible podcasts I've been digging on. It's been making me think a lot and I thought I'd share some of the rambling stoner thoughts. Then I share some of my recent experiences sitting in with the city council this past year. I'm pretty sure I'm the crazy pot lady ...and I wear that with pride. But it's been a passionate and frustrating experience to feel you're talking to moving walls. So I decided to change up my game, by falling back on a classic.  If you're ready to get into the nerve-inducing game of public commentary, but aren't sure where to start -well, there are lots of people who would love to help ya out. In the Safety Meeting I bring one of my headiest salads yet! I found a magical sativa diva mix up, and I can work it on the flower side and the dab side! Play responsibly, as they say.