The Spliff Potcast


Ep 87 - Concentrate Forms: My Dab is Errl

A lot going on this week, some happy some very sad. I share some personal stories and then we start Spliffin' it. Concentrates are an explosive part of the cannabis industry. The demand and quality are both as high as the patients who love them. But they can be confusing with all those stoner terms. What is dab, and is it the same as wax? Is rosin wax? What is sugar, and who is this Errl? Can we just get some good old fashioned hash? Or maybe some new fashioned hash... If you've been wanting to know more about the big wide world of wax, get ready to concentrate! (badum cha!) Understanding your needs means knowing if you need something full spectrum or an isolate. Maybe you'll take whatever you can get and just want to understand it better? Well, hopefully we can cover the whole gamut. Raw or active, terpene-rich or super distilled, it's quite the menu.