The Spliff Potcast


Ep 88 - Cannabis Hyperemesis

It sounds more like a bad urban legend: stoners are getting sick off their stash! But is this just the stuff of myths? Unfortunately it doesn't seem that way, though there are conflicting theories. Medicine works differently for us all, and there's a lot left to understand. Why some of us get sick when we medicate is one of those important mysteries left to unfold. While science is interested, the research is far from complete. Simply making the connection to cannabis use has been an endeavor. And it's not a very favorable opinion for many of Mary Jane's most devoted. But since it's also us that have just as likely a chance of developing a reaction, let's talk about it. Cannabis induced vomiting is the best way to describe this, bringing to mind many friends who claim that weed makes them sick. It's hard to believe until it happens to you. And if you use cannabis -it could happen to you! But luckily, cannabis still has a perfect score on the mortality scale. It might not be comfortable, but Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS) isn't fatal! Which probably excludes a lot of other options, like improperly grown cannabis, which is another issue we have to deal with. In the Safety I vent some frustrations and some inspirations (can I can some cannabis deodorant puh-lease?!)

Links as promised:

Leafly article on CHS

An NCBI article on a case of neem oil poisoning 

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